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To the children of the 2nd grade of Seminarieskolan, Ekenas, Raseborg, Finland

We the children of B2 of the 2nd Primary School through the Comenius educational programme and through the Wiki pages hope to:

Get to know you better,

Exchange ideas and views about things that interest us,

Understand each other and develop a friedly relationship between us.

We have first met you through the drawings you have sent us and through skyping. We, furthermore, wish to continue this contact by Wiki because we believe that education unites nations.

We send you our love

The pupils of B2





Droppy in clay



water messages


Τhe students of B2 of the 2nd Primary School of Pefka,under the Comenius programme concerning water,dealt with the waste,saving and pollution of water They wrote a tale "The adventures of Droppy" to show off the problem and to sensitize everyone for more and clearer water.


Working under the Commenius programme concerning the water, we decided to deal with the forms of water and the places that we can find it. We discussed, exchanged views and afterwards recorded all the answers.

The pupils were divided in pairs and painted their pictures to create the semantic map having water as the principal idea for evaluating knowledge.They loaded the pictures into the computer using the camera. Later, in the ICT room, running the kidspiration programme they created the following semantic map.

The pupils cooperated harmonically and found interest in the new activity.



We, the students of B2 of the 2nd Primary School of Pefka,under the Comenius programme concerning water,dealt with the waste,saving and pollution of water. We read various tales,saw relevant videos and decided to write messages which Droppy will transfer to all the countries that participate in the programme. We were divided in small groups and each one undertook the picturing of a message. Afterwards we asked the coordinator of each country to translate it in his language. We wrote the messages in posters, photog

raphed them and later we prepared the video entitled "Droppy has something to say to you".

We hope that his messages will be noticed by everyone for more and clearer water.

Hello, I am Fotini. I am eight yers old and I am a student of B2 of 2nd Primary school of Pefka, Greece. I have a sister, her name is Mary and she is ten years old. I like playing tennis very much. I like listening music, drawing and playing with my friends. I want to make new friends from Finland. I am waiting from a new Finland friend to contact with me.FOTINI


Hello,am Helen.I am eight years old.I am from Thessaloniki. I am Greek.My favourite colour is pink and my favourite animals are cats and parrots.I am a student of B2 of 2nd Primary school of Pefka.l Iike playing with my friends.My

favourite lesson is Language.I like playing tennis very much and I can swim very well.I am happy, if I have a friend of Finland.Bye!!!


Hello, I am George and I'm 7 years old. I live in Thessaloniki, Greece and I'm a student of B2 at 2nd Primary school of Pefka. I have a brother, Theo, he's 8,5 years old. I'm learning Tae-Kwon-Do and I really like watching cartoons in my free time. I would like to make a new friend from Finland.

Hi, my name is Dimitris T or Jim. I'm 7,5 year old and i'm student of B2 of primary school of Pefka Thessaloniki.

I have a sister 6 year old. I like playing basketball, football, drawing with my friends and go to the sea. I live to a nice place called Pefka 10Km out of centre of Thessaloniki. My house have one big garden and we have many parrots and a big beautiful dog which name is "Rocky". i would like to make a friend from Finland, pls write to me.

dimitris T.


Hello ,my neme is Stelios and l am 8 years old !

i go to the 2nd elementary scchool in section B2 and belong to a family of 4 persons .

My brother's name is Kostas and he goes to high school .

I' m fun of sports . Especially l play football at home team champions , I go swimming and tae kwow do . I like to read and to discover new things . Playing toys is my favorite habit as

moreover for every child !

l wouid like to wish for Christmas for any child not to suffer and always continue

smiling because we - children - are the hope of the whole world.